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Why the world needs ECOalarm

The principles of ecojustice vs. irresponsible governments

Any kind of environmental problem deserves far more attention in terms of solving the same. Of course, more data are available today than ever before. However, too often policymakers and business leaders have been unable to access all the data they need to make legitimate environmental decisions. Thanks to dozens of good environmental information platforms, today many data are easily accessible, but without enough interactivity in solving and creating pressure to solve environmental problems faster.

However, due to the high presence of corruption in unstable and low-income countries, many principles of environmental justice are being violated, consciously or unconsciously destroying the habitat on our planet, which will not be solvable for the next 100 or more years. The solutions are often broadband and affect many other social sectors in which political and business leaders have or want to have insufficient knowledge therefore the economy is going in the wrong directions with disastrous consequences for the environment.

Often the information in the mainstream media is hidden or mildly packaged therefore it is harder for people to get concrete information and their awareness about the consequences of environmental problems onto future generations cannot be adequately awakened. To take action in the form of petitions, anti-pollution events, or any other kind of pressure on political and business leaders, the support of a large number of people is needed, that must be at least a little environmentally enlightened.

In destitute and other countries, in each initiative is needed, after all, effective briefing for each individual who will easily understand the causes and consequences of each individual environmental problem affecting him and his environment.

ECOalarm is one of those ways that helps faster action in problem-solving.

Current situation (-)

  • Insufficient heed to environmental problemsIn general, not enough attention is dedicated to individual pollution.
  • Spending too much time getting relevant information Sometimes it takes a long time to get relevant information about the environmental situation or crisis, the causes, and consequences.
  • Scarce informationThe information available on environmental platforms is sometimes scanty or legible only to environmental experts and environmental engineers.
  • Static informationStatic information available on environmental platforms is static in nature without interactivity and without sufficient connection of all events in solving environmental problems.
  • There is no unification of dataThere is no platform that would provide the most comprehensive unified data set in a whole about a single environmental problem.
  • User interactions are not recordedThere is no serious global environmental internet service that, besides recording technical information, provides the ability for recording all possible types of user interaction with an environmental problem.
  • Social networks casting into oblivion the environmental problemsInformation about an environmental problem in social networks quickly falls into oblivion if an individual or ecologists do not pay enough attention to it. Many environmental problems end up with a picture/video with very little information and stay alive through comments for 2-3 days. It also rejects the classic user through a series of ambiguities, which suppresses his interest.
  • Social networks casting into oblivion environmental problems discussions and solutionsPotentially important discussions on the topic of an individual environmental problem, as well as many good solutions set by users, very often fall into oblivion in social networks due to the lack of transparency and many other rules dictated by social networks.
  • Eco-crowdfunding campaigns do not have enough credibilityMany eco-crowdfunding campaigns that address some environmental issues are not sufficiently monitored, lack credibility, and are forgotten. As a result, individuals or organizations are unable to realize a serious anti-pollution event or solution, and pressure on the government sector is not even in sight. In fact, there is not enough support for the population affected by the environmental problem, neither by themselves nor by the rest of the public because the vast majorities are often inadequately informed. Also, the reason for all this is insufficiently well-organized data, the better organization of which will encourage people to think thoroughly about the smallest environmental problem because of their children and future generations.
  • Insufficient logistics of delivering information to classic usersMonopoly social networks have reduced the "reach" (number of views of one post) to the lowest rate and many environmental activists are forced to pay for posts in order to inform the general public about one environmental problem, of course, if they have the budget for it. And when they sponsor a post, the entry of a user (ecologically uninformed) to the site must be impressive and supported by all the patterns, facts, and types of anti-pollution action of an environmental problem.
  • Ecological migrations caused by serious environmental problems primarily due to the low level of development of environmental awareness and data organizationThe population affected by environmental problems and catastrophes in many unstable and indigent countries in the world depend from their own government and often waits for their mercy to organize data and through government initiative wait for a bureaucratic response to an environmental problem that sometimes takes a long time or there is no answer at all. Such actions sometimes end without effect because the government sector has hundreds of excuses. Government institutions are accepting to solve the problem only when it becomes extremely alarming, and sometimes unsolvable, which leads to ecological migrations of the population.
  • Insufficient motivation and information of the local populationThe answer to environmental problems often comes from organizations that operate globally, often successfully, but in unstable and indigent countries the environmental problem is without enough driving levers and anti-pollution methods that would proceed to solve the problem due to insufficient motivation of the local population and insufficient information about overall data from the first day to long-term expectations of escalation of environmental problems.
  • Too much general informationMainstream media provide environmental awareness at the level of informing the public about pollution and environmental problems, referring to comprehensive charts and data analyzes that in most cases do not tell us specifically about the causes, solutions and most importantly ways of anti-pollution or anti-climate change. Of course, part to exceptions.

ECOalarm benefits (+)

  • Ability to provide maximum attention to each individual environmental problemECOalarm has the ability to provide maximum attention to individual pollution or any other environmental problem.
  • The minimum time consumption to obtain all the relevant information about one environmental problemWith a minimum of time, the ECOalarm platform provides the opportunity for all users to quickly receive effective relevant information about the environmental problem or crisis, causes, consequences, and solutions.
  • Abundant informationThe possibility of informing about one environmental problem on the ECOalarm platform is designed for the population from the average user to environmental experts. Mostly legible and reasonable from cause to effect, as well as extents that can be taken for solving the environmental problem.
  • Dynamic information through interaction by each userThe information available on the ECOalarm platform are dynamic with maximum interactivity of supplementation, modification of a wide set of information with the causes, consequences, and measures that can be taken against polluted air, polluted water, polluted land, solid waste landfills, or any other environmental problem.
  • Ability to provide a unified data setECOalarm is a platform that will provide the most comprehensive unified data set in a whole of a single environmental problem.
  • Notation of user interactionsECOalarm provides the ability for recording and following all user interactions within an environmental problem, relying, in addition to existing legitimate sources, on the subjective and objective reporting of both ECOalarm Network users and all other users.
  • ECOalarm posts provide a better impression on social networks Any user who opens the content of an environmental issue post will be shown the currently available unified information about that environmental problem.
  • The environmental problems discussions and solutions will remain permanently on the ECOalarm platformAll types of debates that take place within one environmental problem, as well as many good solutions set by users, aim to facilitate other users' insight into solutions to similar environmental problems so that the sections of debates and solutions will always be peripherally focused. Any significant comment/solution will receive a lot of attention and will subsist a long time, not fall into oblivion as it happens on social networks.
  • Eco-crowdfunding campaigns will gain good credibility and a higher degree of seriousnessMany eco-crowdfunding campaigns dealing with environmental problems will gain sufficient credibility and the opportunity for more people to be thoroughly informed about the environmental problem, which will also enable more efficient pressure on the government sector. Support for the population affected by the environmental problem will reach a higher degree of seriousness both by their community and by other communities, because the content will be adapted in English in addition to the maternal. Better data organization will contribute to an impressive insight into the environmental problem, the echo of which will encourage people to think thoroughly about even the smallest environmental problem because of their children and future generations.
  • Good logistics of delivering information to classic usersGood logistics of delivering information to all users means that any user who shows minimal interest in an environmental problem becomes a potential fighter for a given local or community environmental problem at the state level. This will be achieved because the entry of the user (ecologically uninformed) to the site will be impressive and supported by all the credibility factors, patterns, facts, and types of anti-pollution action of an environmental problem. With the usage of accompanying marketing techniques such as the Facebook pixel, such users are potential participants in any antipollution event.
  • A lower percentage of ecological migrations caused by serious environmental problems with a higher level of development of ecological awareness and a better level of data organizationWith the usage of the ECOalarm platform, any environmental problem that is predicted to have a catastrophic outcome will be recorded in time with a better level of data organization and a higher level of environmental awareness of the population, which will certainly improve the impact on the government sector. It will also affect the course of the ecological fight, which will be at a higher and more serious level without giving up and without a declared defeat without fight. More specifically, individuals and environmental organizations will gain more ground in the environmental fight because the environmental problem will be presented with reasonable and simply hierarchically organized data.
  • Good motivation and information of the local populationThe answer to environmental problems with the help of the ECOalarm platform will arrive much faster and clearer, and the local population, as the main initiator, will be more quickly informed about patterns, consequences, and solutions. Insight into the overall data from the first day to the long-term expectations of the escalation of the environmental problem will enable each individual or environmental organization to go a step further in the field of faster acquisition of members of the environmental fight.
  • Concrete and accurate reporting about environmental problemMainstream media will be forced to invoke on 100% legitimate information when an environmental problem experiences a favorable outcome of an environmental fight. Success stories will create concrete newspaper articles available to a large audience with lots of relevant information that will help other communities to solve their problems quickly and efficiently.

Every step is important and so is this one

It’s time to accelerate the rate of progress on climate and development projects because too many are not optimized for maximum impact, fail to get funding, or get bogged down in bureaucracy and this is not making the world better fast enough! We’re determined to partner with like-minded clients to improve this situation.

Let’s accelerate progress together

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