Every person, every child, has the right to a clean & safe environment free of toxic pollution.
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Crucial Advantages

Crucial Advantages

In low-income countries, the biggest problems of various types of pollution have been defined, claiming over 10 million lives a year based on research papers and considerations from leading environmental organizations. Heavily affected countries lack accurate data indicating the causes and consequences of different types of pollution. ECOalarm, together with you, enables better documentation and organization of this data and its distribution to the general public. Reporting and presenting your story can help a lot in better organizing and recording data on precision pollutants. Therefore, every author of ECOalarm will bring an easier understanding of every environmental problem.

The ECOalarm platform has a wide spectrum of interactive activities for all users who can manage a lot of data in various ways. The interactive approach enables the unification of all data into one whole. The cause and consequences of not solving the environmental problems can be clearly visualized by connecting all the data.

  • Centralization of the environmental problemCentralization of information of an individual ecological problem
  • Long-term recording of environmental problemsECOalarm enables long-term recording of any ecological situation / polluted place that disturbs the living habitat of people and the lives of all living beings.
  • The credibility of the provided information The ECOalarm supervisor team checks the authenticity of all data.
  • Dedicated timelineThe timeline that allows monitoring and updates on marked environmental problems for all types of users.
  • Section for automatic and manual solutionsOne environmental problem has the possibility of introducing several environmental solutions where each solution entails discussions, petitions, and other attributes related to one environmental solution. Environmental solutions can be from both users and companies engaged in the production and sale of ready-made environmental solutions. Users have the opportunity to record each activity in the implementation of solutions to environmental problems, which overall allow faster insight into other users with similar problems in order to overcome obstacles faster and easier.
  • Generating automatic solutions of environmental problemsGenerating and proposing AI solutions for certain categories of environmental problems for which it is feasible.
  • Search for ready-made solutionsConnecting to a database of a few thousand companies engaged in the production, sale, and implementation of environmental solutions and products.
  • Customizing the overview of similar environmental problemsProvided insight into similar environmental problems at the level of the city, region, state, and the rest of the world.
  • Generating dedicated solutions of environmental problemsGenerating dedicated solutions by an individual, organization, government sector, or company engaged in the production and sale of environmental solutions and products.
  • Section for petitions and linkage of the petitionsUsers have the option to create or add their own link to one or more related petitions intended to address the environmental situation. It is possible to track the number of signatures for certain platforms in real-time.
  • Section for events and linkage of the eventsUsers have the option of adding one or more events accompanying a protest intended for a given environmental situation, against pollution or an environmental clean-up event. Users can record the results of events in the form of reports and photos with marking of the achieved results of the solution of the environmental problem, helping other users to act faster and easier in the future.
  • Section for donations and linkage of the donationsBeneficiaries have the option of adding one or more donation links to help fund protests, environmental clean-up actions, or other relevant activities.
  • Section for recording factors that are dangerous for healthUsers have the opportunity to individually record subjective/objective feelings as a consequence of an environmental problem as well as to define health hazards.
  • Pre-defined patterns and examples of environmental problemsThe proposed templates for reporting pollution and other environmental problems have been defined in order to explain to users the entry of information in the easiest possible way and to facilitate insight into the final appearance of reporting pollution.
  • Complete user transparencyUser levels with full transparency will provide these users additional benefits. Each user generates own profile page where insight can be gained into environmental performance through the overall interactivity on each environmental problem.
  • AnonymityEvery user of the ECOalarm platform has the right to anonymity to protect their integrity in specific situations.
  • PublicationsPresentation of ECOalarm publications with proposed best solutions to the government and corporate sector.
  • Dedicated reportingDedicated reporting on a monthly and quarterly basis in 20 languages as well as in the languages in which it is necessary.

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It’s time to accelerate the rate of progress on climate and development projects because too many are not optimized for maximum impact, fail to get funding, or get bogged down in bureaucracy and this is not making the world better fast enough! We’re determined to partner with like-minded clients to improve this situation.

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