Every person, every child, has the right to a clean & safe environment free of toxic pollution.
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Our Target

Our global mission

In low-income countries, the biggest problems of various types of pollution have been defined, claiming over 10 million lives a year based on research papers and considerations from leading environmental organizations. Heavily affected countries lack accurate data indicating the causes and consequences of different types of pollution.

ECOalarm, together with you, enables better documentation and organization of this data and their distribution to the general public. Reporting and presenting your story can help a lot in better organizing and recording data on precision pollutants. Therefore, every author of ECOalarm will bring an easier understanding of every environmental problem.

The goal is to record all available information about one environmental problem in one place. People of all ages, individuals, organizations, environmental experts as well as government institutions can monitor all the aggregated relevant information about the environmental problem in one place so they can act faster and be better in the fight against pollution.

We have hundreds of thousands of ecological problems that do not receive enough attention and because of that, they remain unsolved. Serious and responsible interventions are needed in many ways to end these problems. We believe that this is one of the possible actions.

The goal of ECOalarm is to establish the highest level of cooperation with all relevant organizations towards better joint action. Our goal is to establish an ECOalarm network in all countries in the world through existing environmental organizations, individuals, and ministries.

ECOalarm network

ECOalarm basically aims to report significantly the impact of pollution around the world. ECOalarm aims to network over 1000 environmental organizations together with its recruited environmental assistants.

In parallel with the networking of environmental organizations in the “ECOalarm network”, the process of recruiting additional environmental assistants is carried out, which will enable verification and complete documentation of pollution events of any type of medium and high priority in almost 100 low and middle income countries.

Environmental awareness

All users with or without knowledge about the ecology will have the opportunity to get acquainted with an individual environmental problem in a short time and be able to get acquainted with all relevant information available for that problem. As one of the best forms of environmental awareness, users are offered the option to look at similar environmental problems and examples in the same country or to look at similar environmental problems and examples in other countries. They are enabled quickly and efficiently to review the patterns, hierarchical progress in solving, types of solutions, consequences with and without action, and how to take an action and help solving an environmental problem.

In this way, we raise awareness about pollution and the importance of environmental protection, but we also influence the solution of current problems, both locally and globally. 

Networking of the companies whose activity is to create ecological solutions

The ECOalarm platform aims to provide free networking few thousand companies engaged in the production, sale, and implementation of environmentally solutions and products. Companies are networked by dedicated marketing methods that every final user / Ecologist / NGOs or government gets in a quick and easy way the proposed solution, approximate prices, and the time needed to implement environmental solutions. Companies are checked through the control process to make sure they are credible.

Quarterly and dedicated reports

ECOalarm aims to create consolidated quarterly and targeted reports for specific countries in order to present the given publications in their entirety and indicate the degree of danger to health as well as to determine the disproportionate damage caused by pollution in certain communities.

The reports will also present the best-proven solutions to address the global pollution crisis throught dedicated reporting on a monthly and quarterly basis in 20 languages as well as in the languages in which it is necessary. At the same time, ECOalarm will call for action by the national government, the foundation, and the international community in the form of greater investments in pollution control.

Monetization and sustainability

Identifying and proposing the best solutions based on similar previously resolved environmental situations / problems

A 100% social mission is tough to become financially sustainable. We believe that through our campaigns, our community and other organizations/philanthropists will want to continue supporting the base costs of the project.

ECOalarm offers proposals for solutions to certain problems in cooperation with the different existing platforms which help spread environmental solutions and innovations in the field of plastics, packaging, food, water, and solid waste, helping environmental business become 100 % reality.

Monetization and sustainability of the ECOalarm platform can be based through several types of advertising within the “Solutions” section by companies engaged in the production and implementation of various ready-made environmental solutions.

Advertising is 100% free in order to accelerate the realization of solving every environmental problem.

Every step is important and so is this one

It’s time to accelerate the rate of progress on climate and development projects because too many are not optimized for maximum impact, fail to get funding, or get bogged down in bureaucracy and this is not making the world better fast enough! We’re determined to partner with like-minded clients to improve this situation.

Let’s accelerate progress together

Find out more about the ways how to get involved with the ECOalarm project and join the community of innovators working to integrate environmental problems data into technologies that solve real-world problems. The ECOalarm Network aims to network environmental organizations around the world and environmental contributors as well as those who would like to become one. 

Help us reduce pollution in your area and around the world.

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