Every person, every child, has the right to a clean & safe environment free of toxic pollution.
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How This Work: The Introduction with ECOalarm

Discover pollution in your environment.

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Spot pollution and take a photo.

Add pictures, videos, and information.

Report pollution

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Add additional information familiar to you.

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Usage of the ECOalarm platform is based on easy handling of both the website and the application

Usage of the ECOalarm platform is based on easy handling of both the website and the application. The application is intended for people with a basic level of knowledge of environmental terms, and the detailed determination of incomplete entries of environmental problems according to a universal template is supplemented by a system from existing available APIs or performed manually by a member of ECOalarm Network.

Proposed templates for reporting pollution and other environmental problems have been created in order to explain to users the entry of information in the easiest possible way and to facilitate insight into the final appearance of pollution reporting.

Users are given the opportunity to enter basic information and advanced information. Each individual problem has a unique page and internal subpages where it is possible for each user to subsequently change and supplement the information. For certain types of information, audits will be performed by the ECOalarm Network.

User capabilities

User interactivity flow diagram of ECOalarm platform

The diagram shows a simple overview of an individual environmental problem page functioning and connectivity with subsections. The presented model aims dedicated data sets expansions for certain ecological situations pro-rata to the needs of ecological problems.

User interactivity

Consolidate all the details of one ecological problem in one place

Assignment a unique single page to each environmental situation or pollution with a range of different possibilities. All users with or without knowledge about the ecology will have the opportunity to get acquainted with an individual environmental problem in a short time and be able to get acquainted with all relevant information available for the problem such as descriptions, images, videos, solutions, petitions, anti-pollution events, reports of responsible bodies, governments and organizations, as well as the general status of solving a given environmental problem.

The ECOalarm platform has a wide spectrum of interactive activities for all users who can manage a lot of data in various ways. The interactive approach enables the unification of all data into one whole. The cause and consequences of not solving the environmental problems can be clearly visualized by connecting all the data. With the help of technology and many existing data, we strive to build-up a volunteer and paid network of people where we will altogether contribute to approach every environmental problem thoroughly.

Networking of the companies whose activity is to create ecological solutions

The ECOalarm platform aims to provide free networking few thousand companies engaged in the production, sale, and implementation of environmentally solutions and products. Companies are networked by dedicated marketing methods that every final user / Ecologist / NGOs or government gets in a quick and easy way the proposed solution, approximate prices, and the time needed to implement environmental solutions. Companies are checked through the control process to make sure they are credible.

Monetization and sustainability

Identifying and proposing the best solutions based on similar previously resolved environmental situations/problems

100% social mission is tough to become financially sustainable. We believe that through our campaigns, our community and other organizations/philanthropists will want to continue supporting the base costs of the project.

ECOalarm offers proposals for solutions to certain problems in cooperation with the different existing platforms which help spread environmental solutions and innovations in the field of plastics, packaging, food, water, and solid waste, helping environmental business become 100 % reality.

Monetization and sustainability of the ECOalarm platform can be based through several types of advertising within the “Solutions” section by companies engaged in the production and implementation of various ready-made environmental solutions. Advertising is 100% free in order to accelerate the realization of solving every environmental problem.

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