Every person, every child, has the right to a clean & safe environment free of toxic pollution.
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MORE INFORMATION It is time to put every kind of pollution on the map with as much information as possible.
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MORE INFORMATION Report all types of air, water, soil and solid waste pollution that are dangerous to the health of your environment.
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MORE INFORMATION Add descriptions, images, videos, maps, useful links & documents, researches, health hazard, discussions and much more.
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MORE INFORMATION Each user will have an easier, faster and better insight into the solutions of similar environmental situations recorded by environmental experts.
Consolidate all
the details of one
ecological problem
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MORE INFORMATION It will assign a unique single pages to each environmental situation or pollution with a range of different possibilities.
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MISSION There's hundreds of thousands of ecological problems that don't recive enough attention.
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In over 100 countries with low and middle-income, the biggest problems of various types of pollution have been defined, claiming over 10 million lives a year based on research papers and considerations from leading environmental organizations. Heavily affected countries lack accurate data indicating the causes and consequences of different types of pollution.

ECOalarm, together with you, enables better documentation and organization of this data and its distribution to the general public in the native language. Reporting and presenting your story can help a lot in better organizing and recording data on precision pollutants. Therefore, every author of ECOalarm will bring an easier understanding of every environmental problem.

World Eco Alarm
Upload pictures and descriptions in your native language

Mobile App enables you to report all types of air, water, soil, solid waste pollution that are a health hazard in your environment or other pollutions

ECOalarm mobile application allows all users to report various types’ environmental pollution they have noticed, in a simple way to describe them in their native language and post pictures that testify the pollution. Adding petitions, donations, call to actions, anti-pollution events, pollutant information, proposed solutions, documents, mapping of responsible institutions, level of health hazards, and much more are enabled. Through full interactivity, users have the opportunity to view and edit all entered information about environmental problems. In this way, we raise awareness about pollution and the importance of environmental protection, but we also influence the solution of current problems, both locally and globally.

The goal is to record all available information about one environmental problem in one place. People of all ages, individuals, organizations, environmental experts as well as government institutions can monitor all the aggregated relevant information about the environmental problem in one place so they can act faster and be better in the fight against pollution.

World Eco Alarm

How This Work: The Introduction with ECOalarm

Discover pollution in your environment.

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Spot pollution and take a photo.

Add pictures, videos, and information.

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It is time to put every kind of pollution on the map with as much information as possible

ECOalarm Supervisor team

Credible form of recording environmental problems

The ECOalarm Supervisor team checks the authenticity of all data, together with partner organizations and ECOalarm authors/editors, investigate and verify the reports. Afterwards, as such credible reports are presented to the relevant environmental authorities and organizations in your country and help them to plan the cleanup or the resolution of the problem. 

Dedicated reporting

Dedicated reporting on a monthly and quarterly

ECOalarm aims to create consolidated quarterly and targeted reports for specific countries in order to present the given publications in their entirety and indicate the degree of danger to health as well as to determine the disproportionate damage caused by pollution in certain communities. The reports will also present the best-proven solutions to address the global pollution crisis throught dedicated reporting on a monthly and quarterly basis in 20 languages as well as in the languages in which it is necessary. At the same time, ECOalarm will call for action by the national government, the foundation, and the international community in the form of greater investments in pollution control.

Consolidate all the details of one ecological problem in one place

Assignment a unique single page to each environmental situation or pollution with a range of different possibilities. All users with or without knowledge about the ecology will have the opportunity to get acquainted with an individual environmental problem in a short time and be able to get acquainted with all relevant information available for the problem such as descriptions, images, videos, solutions, petitions, anti-pollution events, reports of responsible bodies, governments and organizations, as well as the general status of solving a given environmental problem.

The ECOalarm platform has a wide spectrum of interactive activities for all users who can manage a lot of data in various ways. The interactive approach enables the unification of all data into one whole. The cause and consequences of not solving the environmental problems can be clearly visualized by connecting all the data. With the help of technology and many existing data, we strive to build-up a volunteer and paid network of people where we will altogether contribute to approach every environmental problem thoroughly.

Main Features

  • Description, Images, Videos, MapsAdd descriptions, images, videos, area, and location markings with or without data or character limits.
  • Designation of a competent and amenable organization.Connect the environmental situation with a competent institution, NGOs, or one-man action.
  • Pollutant informationAdd the names of key polluters, sources of pollutants, and the consequences of pollution in the form of descriptions or documents.
  • Information about the level of health hazardsMarking the population affected by the pollution, the number of children under 6 years of age, and attaching the documents showing the analysis of the number of patients by various factors.
  • Information about the current projectsAdd information about current ongoing projects, future projects, and key project partners.
  • Useful Links & DocumentsList useful links and upload all relevant documents without a data limit.
  • ResearchSet up a research and add existing reports.
  • HashtagsAssign hashtags and create keywords.
  • Proposed SolutionEnter a description of the proposed solution with accompanying references. Also, several options to add an accompanying project, user links, and documents as well as a section for tracking all updates within one proposed solution.
  • PetitionsAdding petitions enable you to link the current petitions sites with live number monitoring of signings.
  • DonationsUsers have an option of adding one or more donation links to help fund protests, environmental clean-up actions, or other relevant activities.
  • Add anti-pollution eventsAdd a link to the event that accompanies the protest intended for a given environmental situation. Also, there's a possibility of adding reports and photos of the results achieved for each protest.
  • Comment and shareComment and share on your social media any environmental situation or pollution.
  • Other DiscussionsAdd additional links to discussions about a given environmental situation such as Facebook groups, forums, etc.
  • Insight into similar environmental problems or situationsAutomatic and manual generation of similar situations according to several criteria.

Full interactivity

  • User PotentialEach user has the opportunity to change and supplement the content and thus gain higher user title- User/Editor/Author.
  • User ManagementView all authors and editors with or without a name, chronologically by the number and type of changes they made for each environmental situation.
  • Ecological Profile & CreditEach author/editor has the possibility to create his or her own ecological profile as an individual or an organization.
  • AnalyticsEvery author or editor will have access to analytical data.
  • Insight into the SolutionsEach user will have an easier, faster, and better insight into the solutions of similar environmental situations recorded by environmental experts.
  • Changing Existing DataAdd or alter all relevant data of existing research about detected environmental situations or pollution.
  • Timeline for individuals, environmental organizations, and the government sector.Access to the timeline channel to track updates on marked environmental issues for organizations, the government sector, and companies.
  • Timeline for companiesAn interactive approach for companies engaged in the production and implementation of various ready-made environmental solutions and projects.
  • Multilingual Content ReviewMultilingual content review - Every environmental situation or pollution is documented in the language of the region it occurred in.
  • Customer Support There's 24-hours live customer support to help to monitor all the activities.

Every step is important and so is this one

It’s time to accelerate the rate of progress on climate and development projects because too many are not optimised for maximum impact, fail to get funding or get bogged down in bureaucracy and this is not making the world better fast enough! We’re determined to partner with like-minded clients to improve this situation.

Find out more about the ways how to get involved with the ECOalarm project and join the community of innovators working to integrate environmental problems data into technologies that solve real-world problems. The ECOalarm Network aims to network environmental organizations around the world and environmental contributors as well as those who would like to become one. 

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