Every person, every child, has the right to a clean & safe environment free of toxic pollution.
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Any kind of environmental problem deserves far more attention in terms of solving the same. Of course, more data are available today than ever before. However, too often policymakers and business leaders have been unable to access all the data they need to make legitimate environmental decisions. Thanks to dozens of good environmental information platforms, today many data are easily accessible, but without enough interactivity in solving and creating pressure to solve environmental problems faster.

However, due to the high presence of corruption in unstable and low-income countries, many principles of environmental justice are being violated, consciously or unconsciously destroying the habitat on our planet, which will not be solvable for the next 100 or more years. The solutions are often broadband and affect many other social sectors in which political and business leaders have or want to have insufficient knowledge therefore the economy is going in the wrong directions with disastrous consequences for the environment.

Often the information in the many mainstream media is hidden or mildly packaged therefore it is harder for people to get concrete information and their awareness about the consequences of environmental problems onto future generations cannot be adequately awakened.

In order to take any action in the form of petitions, anti-pollution events, or any other kind of pressure on political and business leaders, the support of a large number of people is needed, that must be at least a little environmentally enlightened.

In destitute and other countries, in each initiative is needed, after all, effective briefing for each individual who will easily understand the causes and consequences of each individual environmental problem affecting him and his environment.

ECOalarm is one of those ways that helps faster action in problem-solving.